Where’s The Sun?

What happened to the sun? Sun, oh Sun, where have you gone? Can you come out to play? I truly need to feel you on my face.

It’s been way too long since you have been fully out. You peeked out for a bit yesterday. I think you were only teasing us, though, weren’t you?

I suffer from SAD. Even though I have those day bulbs on, they don’t always help. I fight depression on a daily basis. I am starting to cry again. I hate it! I cannot figure out why it’s happening again.

I should be happy and full of laughter. Our beautiful granddaughter has arrived. She is staying here with us and her parents.

So, Sun, I am blaming my feelings on you. I am blaming you for how I feel. Nothing but clouds and I am getting sick of it!! I truly believe that these cloudy days are affecting everyone.

I am usually a positive person but not seeing the sun out for more than a few seconds is really dragging me down.

God bless!

Laurie Jackson


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