Money For Nothing

I have my dream job. What is it? Writing.

I have kept a journal or diary for many years. It should be some interesting reading for my kids. 😉

I have always wanted to write children’s books. A huge thank you goes to my wonderful husband. Why? He gave me the opportunity to go back to school. It was an online course that lasted 32 long months. I now have a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing. I learned so much, not only about writing but about myself. I feel that I am a better and more creative writer because of going back to school.

(You are never too old to go after a dream.)

I have written a few books while I was in school. They are ebooks but to me they are still books.

I am not in it for the money or for fame. I am writing books just because I enjoy it. I want my grandchildren to enjoy them.

Money isn’t everything. If I become famous, well, that’s just something I am not counting on.

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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