A simple three letter word but holds so much power. In school, I grew to despise that word. WHY? It seemed that no matter the class, when giving an answer, I always had to explain why I said what I said. I don’t know why. It sounded good at the time?

Even today, when asked why, I just say because I said so, that’s why! My children used to ask me why a lot! If they were ‘fighting’ amongst themselves and I’d tell them to knock it off, they would look at me like I had three heads.

I get the same reaction when I am with a man who doesn’t know where we are. God forbid if he’d ask for directions! Why is that? Why is it hard for a man to stop and ask for directions! Is it in his DNA? Did his father drill it in him not to ever ask for help? Well, that’s just stupid.

Swallow your ego and pride and ask for help! I promise the world will not stop spinning!

I remember my first date with my now husband. We had been planning on going to the zoo. Well, we got lost. he asked me if I knew where it was. Yeah, okay. No! I had not been to the zoo in many years. With my sense of direction, no. I grew up underneath a rock for heaven’s sake!

Did he stop to ask for directions? No, of course not! We drove up and down the interstate for a bit. I seriously believe we drove past the zoo a couple of times. Finally, we found where we wanted to go.

Why don’t or won’t men ask for directions? Is it drilled into their DNA from their dads never to ask for help? Or admit that they are lost. The cycle needs to be broken! šŸ™‚


Laurie Jackson


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