“Don’t push on that screen! You’re going to put a hole in it.”

Heard that so many times, I finally decided to listen.

My grandparents had a screen door. “Don’t let the screen door slam behind you.” Grandma used to say. The words echoed in our ears as the screen door slammed against its frame.

Sitting here, thinking about that screen door, brings back so many memories. My siblings and I used to run into the house through one door and run out through the screen door every time. Yes, Dad yelled at us to stop. Did we? No, we were having too much fun.

One Spring day, (it was raining) so we had to play inside. Now, Grandma’s hallway was long. Just the right size to run and slide. Well, even though it was raining outside, the front door was open. Air was coming through the screen door.

My sisters and I had taken our shoes off and began to run and slide in the hallway. We did that for a few minutes when we heard Grandma’s voice telling us to stop it before someone was hurt.

Me, being a stubborn little snot, refused to listen. I took off down the hallway toward that screen door. I don’t remember if I tripped or what happened. Next thing I know, my arm went through the screen. My sisters started laughing  and making loud noises. Grandma came into the hallway to what was going on.

She saw what I had done. Let’s just say she was not too happy with me and leave it at that.

So many wonderful memories I have of my grandparents’ house.

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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