I take great pleasure in making quilts, especially for family.
I draw the squares and cut them out. I lay all the blocks on the floor into a certain design. Then, I make stacks of blocks and begin to sew.

My grandmother taught me how to quilt. She made quilts for everyone. Her quilts were beautiful. All that hand stitching. Wow!

My uncle found several quilts she had made after her passing. That Christmas each one of us kids received a quilt. (There were seven of us.) Each quilt was different. Each one was just as beautiful. We could not decide who got which quilt. So, we put numbers on the quilts and in a hat. The quilt I received was  bright yellow and white which I still use today. It is getting worn but I could never part with it.

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across quilts. Someone had made a quilt using handkerchiefs. I thought why couldn’t I do that? I have several hankies from my uncle and grandparents. Some are large and some are small.

I have decided that I will attach the hankies to bigger blocks and sew them all together. I think it will turn out just fine. Every time I look at the quilt, I will think of my uncle and grandparents.

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie Jackson

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