Yes, I am sentimental. I can’t help it. I am who I am and that’s it. Take it or leave it.

I get rather emotional at times, especially when it comes to my kids or grandkids. I get emotional when good things happen for my kids.

I had the opportunity to watch my granddaughter’s birth. Wow! What an experience. I would not have missed that for the world. My beautiful daughter did a wonderful job. She had a terrific doctor and nurse. We had her laughing practically through the whole ordeal. I felt so proud of her.

When Ava arrived, she cried a bit. She just laid in her mommy’s arms looking around and just chilling. She was taking everything in. Of course, I cried. I was blessed with a beautiful granddaughter.

I cry when any of my children are hurting. I realize that my kiddos are all adults but that won’t stop me from caring and worrying about them.

I wish I had the ability to give the right answers to them when they are hurting. All I can do is listen. I feel that since I am their mother, I should have the answer they are looking for.

I was very emotional at the signing of the papers on my grandparents’ farm. It made me feel very sad and angry to sell the farm. I had (and still have) many, many memories of their farm. The day of the signing the papers over, I started to cry and could not stop. The tears ran down my cheeks like two rivers. My siblings were just sitting there chatting amongst themselves like it was no big deal. Money hunger people, is all they were.

Years ago, I lived in Marthasville with my kids. One of my sons decided to clean out part of the garage. (I had stored the things I had gotten from the farm.) I came home later that night to find the stuff out by the curb. The next day was garbage pickup. I felt angry and hurt. I am still angry at myself. I keep asking myself why didn’t I carry that stuff back to the house? Why? Why? Why? Now, part of my inheritance is gone and there is no way for me to get it back. It’s been over 5 years but that situation still creeps back into my mind. I am not sure how to handle it. I feel guilty. Alright, a part of me is still a bit hurt by my son’s choice to clean out the garage. (His girlfriend was pregnant at the time. He didn’t want her to walk from the driveway to the house in the snow.)

Enjoy your day!

Laurie Jackson



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