I immediately thought of my children when I saw what the prompt word was.

I have four sons and they are about as different as night day. Each one has his own personality. Growing up, they’d fight amongst themselves. Outside the home, though, they would have each other’s back. I have to say they are protective of each other.

I have a gay son and if that’s his worst trait, then I’m a blessed mom. I have no complaints about him being gay. He is so book smart, it’s unbelievable. He was reading by the age of 5.  He has an impressive art talent.

My second son is street smart. He is very mechanically inclined. He can fix any type of motor. He blessed with a grandson. When this son was born, I took one look at him and thought this little guy is going to be trouble. Let me just say, there has not been a dull moment watching him grow up. 🙂

My third son came late one May night, almost midnight.  I was very calm even though I was having problems. He was a c-section birth. He also had a speech problem. He was (and still is) a quiet, shy kind of guy. It takes a lot to tick him off. Watch out, though, when his temper comes out. Run for the hills. Right after his high school graduation, he went into bootcamp. The time he was gone was horrible for me. I realize that sounds selfish but it’s the truth. We could not contact him and vise versa for six weeks. He was in the Army Reserves for six long years. I am thrilled he is no longer in the military.

My fourth son was born on December 31. That’s right. New Year’s Eve. With him, I literally stood on my head. I was too far a long for an epidural. The doctor swung the bed to the position where I was hanging on my head. He said push and suddenly there was my son. I was ill at the time of his birth. I feel that my illness affected my son’s immunity system. This son is extremely book smart. His nickname in grade school was DATA. When the Brain Bowls took place, everyone wanted him on their team.

My sons are as different as night and day; water and oil. I love them each the same. I could not be more proud of the intelligent young men they have turned out to be. They are my pride and joy. (I also have two daughters. That in itself is a whole other blog.)

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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