What’s Happening Through The Window?

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am home alone! Trust me when I say it does not happen very often. Well, okay, fine. Technically, I am not home alone. Charlie (our cat) and Elle (our dog) are here with me.

Elle and I looking out the window, watching Robins in the yard. I’m sipping on a cup of coffee while the radio is playing. The dryer is turning and twisting the clothes round and round. The ceiling fan is going around and around, circulating the air for me.

The beautiful, warm sun is out. The windows are open letting in fresh air. Feels amazing in here.

Elle is standing on the telephone table just enjoying the sights. Part of our yard is flat with a slow grade that leads up to a hill. (I’m not sure hill is the right word. More like a slope.) Anyway, on top of the slope is ditch and above that is a row of bushes.

Rabbits and squirrels enjoy running up and down and through the bushes. Elle and I can hear the birds tweeting and chirping away. What a lovely sound! I hope I never lose my hearing because I would miss the sound of the birds singing.

Charlie is lying on top of a blanket that is lying on top of a large pillow. He sleeps most of the day. At night, he terrorizes the house. This morning, coming out of the bedroom, Charlie left us a mess. He had knocked down two large containers. The noise created by the tumbling of the containers made me jump out of my sleep. While we sleep, Charlie goes head first into the trash can. Mornings are always fun because we never know what we will discover.

There is never a dull moment around here.

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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