The Nerve!

“Good morning my dear!”

What is that sound? Is someone talking to me?

“Time to wake up!”

There it is again. That voice! What time is it?? It can’t be time to wake up. I just fell asleep. Wait…I rolled over onto my side. Bad move. My head hurts. Twinges of pain shot through my head. Stop moving I told myself. Maybe the pain will go away.

“Rise and shine, Sleepyhead!” Laughter followed this time.

I have got to find that voice and tell it to shut up. The nerve! I reached for my phone. The time shone brightly into my squinting eyes. 6:45 am. I plopped back on my pillow.

Voice, wherever you are and whatever you are, SHUT UP! I silently screamed. I tried to go back to sleep. No such luck. There was sudden pain behind my eyes. It almost felt like thunder that clapped super loud. Wow! I thought. What is going on?

Bahaha! “What’s the matter?” Bawahaha! “Does your head hurt? Big baby. Get up! You are wasting time staying in bed!!”

When I heard that voice again, I realized it was coming from my own head.

Why are you bothering me? I’m tired.

“You were sleeping too comfortable. I thought it was time to disturb you.”

You have quite the nerve to bother me. Shame on you! I’m going to ignore you.

I rolled over and snuggled next to my hubby. Next thing I knew I had fallen back to sleep. When I woke again an hour later, my head was pain free.

(I have suffered with migraines and all the other types of headaches my entire life. No medicine helped….wait for it…until two years ago. I am 53 years old and yes, finally, I found a neurologist that found something that helped with the pains in my head. Yes, the medicine helps take the edge off. I still get breakthrough headaches/migraines.)

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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