Oh. My. Gosh. Finally!

It has finally happened! After 7, yes 7 looooooong years, my prayers have been answered! After two appeals and having to play the waiting game, it has finally happened. After struggling with finances, we can now breathe easier.

I applied for disability because I could no longer work. My left foot broke in several different places, (one bone at a time) each several different times. I had to have several surgeries, as well. I’ve had pins in my toes and a bracket sticking out the side of my foot. I had a plate put in during one surgery. A second plate put in during a separate operation. Then, the screws decided to come loose one at a time. So, I had to have surgery to take those out as well as the second plate. I was in a wheelchair for 6 longs months. I could not walk unless I used crutches. I absolutely could not put any kind of weight on my left foot. I had to wear one of those wonderful black, hot boots for months.

During all this time of missing work, my depression had come full circle. It went full blown horrible. Late summer of 2010, I tried to hurt myself. Why? I had accidentally hurt my grandson. I felt so bad that I had gone home and taken a handful of pills and went to bed. I called an acquaintance early in the morning. I asked him to please take me to the emergency room. I spent several hours in the hospital. When asked if I wanted help, I agreed. I spent three days in a mental hospital. I learned so much about myself those three days. I learned that I am only human. That it’s okay to make mistakes. That what happened with me and my grandson was just an accident! 

I am on medicine for my depression and it is helping greatly. I am once again laughing and enjoying life. Very rarely do I have crying spells anymore.

I have been diagnosed with social anxiety. I am on medicine for that. It’s a tiny little pill that makes me sleepy and crabby. Needless to say, I don’t like taking it. My wonderful husband does all the shopping. (I can go out as long as there are not too many people around.)

I am so grateful that my disability finally came through. It has been a long time coming and a true struggle.

May your day filled with blessings!

Laurie Jackson



4 thoughts on “Oh. My. Gosh. Finally!

  1. So happy you finally got your disability. It is a crying shame that someone needs to wait 7 years to get it. I am glad that you got the help you needed and now you can have less stress and opportunity to live life. Best to you

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