Dear Kat,

Dear Kat,

I miss you like crazy!!! I think about you constantly. I just do not understand why God took you from me at such a young age. You were only 46 years old!!!

The morning  after your death, we received a phone call from him. He said you had passed away last night. I was in shock! What?! What happened???

NO! NO! NO! NOT my best friend! No way. He said you had not been feeling well. So you decided to take yourself to the hospital. The doctor on call could not figure out what was wrong with you. So, he was going to send you to big John’s in St. Louis. I’m not sure what happened in the ambulance. I still do not understand what truly happened. All I know is that I lost my favorite person in the world.

At your wake, I stood by your casket and cried. I touched your arm and you were oh so cold. I had never felt anything so cold. That night, I found out that there had been an autopsy done. The coroner found what he called “strep throat” of your heart. Instead of your throat  getting sick, it was your heart.

I miss our phone calls. I loved getting random phone calls from you. We were kindred spirits. We could talk for hours. We laughed, bitched and moaned about our other half.

My beautiful baby girl is your Goddaughter. I’ll never forget the night I asked you to be her Godmother. You were speechless! I know she misses you like crazy. Isn’t it pretty cool that she has a tattoo on her leg about you? I think it’s awesome!

There is one regret that I have. I have no pictures of you. Your excuse was that you thought the camera would break. To be honest, I hated my picture taken. I wish now that we had not been so camera shy.

One thing I have to say is that you taught me to open my mouth. I learned from you to speak my mind. One thing I loved about you, you were not shy in doing anything! You grabbed each challenge head on and without hesitation. You were wild and crazy, all in a good way. You had no patience for stupidity.

I miss you so much, my beautiful, nutty, friend and sister.

Love you forever and always, Kathleen Ann Taylor

Laurie Jackson




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