Good Intentions

I have good…wait…I have GREAT intentions to write every single day. I start a new blog and then I either get side tracked or just plain worn out. To be honest, I do not know what my problem is! UGH!!

All I know, I hate it. I hate how I get a brilliant (At least I think it is a brilliant idea.) I tell myself that there is no need to write it down. I’ll remember. Yeah, okay. You can stop laughing now. I am not sure when I learn that I won’t remember. I’m old. My mind’s not what it used to be.

At night, when I just crawled in bed, an idea will come to me. Of course, there is never any paper or pen around. (I used to keep paper and pen by my bed. I’m not sure why it was moved. Or why didn’t I put it back??) I tell myself as I drift off to sleep that I’ll remember the idea in the morning. Yeah, okay. Who am I trying to kid?! It never works out that way. Never!

My husband suggested that he paint my side of the wall with blackboard paint in the bedroom. I said no. In my office, there is a wall painted with blackboard paint. I had/have good intentions to write out my plan for a story on the board. He painted the wall last fall. Guess what! I still have not written out my plan for a story.

I guess, with good intentions, I’ll get all this figured out. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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