Two Pets

We are blessed with two pets…a cat and a dog

Elle is a Yorkie. I wanted a small dog. She is just under 9 pounds.  She’s three years old. I wanted one of those teacup puppies but after doing research I changed my mind.

The day we picked Elle up, the owner said we had chosen the most sociable puppy from the litter. Boy, was he right! She has so much energy. She will run you ragged. Anything and everything will get her barking. She’ll look out the window and see a leaf move across the yard. She’ll see the neighbors come home and start in again. She is a very yippie dog!

Elle is not spoiled at all. When my husband lays on the couch, Elle lays with him under the blanket. She loves to run and play outdoors. She has a favorite ball. Elle also has a jealous streak. She gets jealous of Charlie. If we call Charlie, Elle runs up to see what’s going on.

We have a yellow tabby cat. We have had him since he was a baby. His name is Charlie. He is about a year old. Full of energy and it drives Elle insane. He will instigate it almost every single time.

Elle walks past Charlie and he attacks her. Elle will turn around and growl at Charlie. It’s too funny to watch. Or if Elle is asleep on the couch, Charlie jumps at her to wake her up. He is a very playful cat. He’s pretty smart, as well. He can open cabinet doors. He’ll put his paw inside the door and climb in. The first time he did it, I had to do a double take. I had reached into the cabinet for a towel. Charlie was sitting in the back of the cabinet looking at me. We have a basket attached to the wall by the dryer. Charlie will lay on top of the rags and fall asleep. He’s been known to open the cabinets above the washer and drop stuff out of them. If the washer is on, he’ll climb on top and push the buttons in a different direction.

I love my pets. They bring joy to me everyday. Sometimes, I have to admit, they do get on my nerves….just saying’.

Have a super wonderful day!

Laurie Jackson




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