It’s Bedtime

“It’s bedtime,” called Mom.

“It’s only 9 pm,” I said.

“It’s a school night. Come here so I can wash your face.”

Me and my siblings, (there were 8 of us) lined up outside the bathroom. One by one, Mom washed our faces, made sure our hands were clean. She also watched us brush our teeth. With each one of us, Mom gave us a little peck on the cheek, patted our bottoms and sent us off to bed.

Seven of us shared one bedroom. There were two sets of bunk beds and a twin bed a long one wall. The windows were always open. As I laid down in bed, I heard the nightly noises. An owl hooted off in the distance. The last of the birds cooed as they settled in for the night. Crickets sang their lullabies. Baby frogs made their croaking sounds. (I call them Little Peepers because they are so noisy!) Coyotes yipped off in the hills somewhere. A shiver ran down my spine every time I heard them.

My favorite sound of all was from the Whippoorwill. I always loved to listen to the sound it made. It was comforting to hear it at night.

I used to spend most of my summers at my grandparents’ house. They lived in a big two story old farm house. I loved that house. I still miss it today. All the memories I have of their place still hold a special place in my heart.

No matter which room I slept in, the windows were always open. This was back in the ’70’s. There was no air conditioning or fan. Only the breeze coming in through the windows.

The Whippoorwill was always around. As I grew older, though, I noticed that it had almost disappeared. While my husband and I waited for our new home to be moved in, we stayed at my mom’s.

One night, we were watching television and chatting. It had just rained. The windows were open and the fresh air was coming in nicely. I made the comment that I had not heard a whipper will in quite sometime. Low and behold, next thing I know there is a whippoorwill singing outside the window! My mouth dropped open. It was as if God had heard me and sent that little bird to me. The next couple of nights the bird came around. It was simply awesome!

Now that I live in a noisy city, I may just have to spend a night at Mom’s. I miss those nightly sounds.

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


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