The Door Was Ajar

I had just crawled into bed and was snuggled under my blankets when I noticed that the closet door was open. I laid there and watched the door. Then, my imagination kicked in.

What was behind the door? Was there a boogie man deep in the closet? Was he coming out to eat me? Should I get up and just close the door? I imagined that the boogie man was over huge! Over 6 feet tall with lots of fur. His eyes bulged out. He had claws that were at least 10 inches long! He’d probably take one swipe at me and that would be that. I’d be gone. I started to sob.

I looked around the bedroom. My sisters and brother were asleep. How could they possibly be sleeping at a time like this? The closet door was open! The door wasn’t open very much but still. It was open just enough for a creature to slither out!

I wanted to scream and I did, too!

“Mom! Mom! I need you!”

I waited and slid further under the blankets. I waited for Mom to arrive. Nothing.

I thought how dare she not come to my rescue! Doesn’t she know I’m scared? Where is she??

“MOM! MOM! PLEASE come here! I need you!”

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Mom came to my rescue, (or so I thought).

“What’s the matter with you? You trying to wake up Dad?”

I pointed to the closet door. “The door is open. The boogie man will come out and eat me.” I started sobbing. I thought maybe Mom would feel sorry for me and lay down beside me. No such luck.

She leaned in toward me and said, “My child, I am tired. We have been going through this all week. Has a boogie man come out to eat you yet? No.” Mom sighed, took a breath and continued.

“Look at your brother and sisters. They are sleeping soundly. I don’t understand you at all. I’m going to bed. You’ll be fine, I promise. Please just go to sleep. I love you. I’ll see you in the morning.” Mom stood up and walked out of the room.

I cried harder and louder. Mom didn’t come back. I covered my head with my pillow with one eye facing the closet. I was determined to watch that closet door. I just knew some creature was going to jump out at me.

Apparently I fell asleep because the next thing I knew, Mom was waking me up for school. My eyes flew open and looked at the closet door. It was still ajar. I thought to myself that okay, the boogie man had changed his mind. Perhaps he was waiting for a better night. Well, tonight when I go to bed, I’m gonna make sure that door is closed nice and tight! I was going to make sure no boogie man had a chance to eat me!

I smirked to myself, jumped out of bed and dressed for school.


Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson



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