What In The World?!

I must be dreaming because the sun just rose. I rolled over in my nice, warm bed trying to get away from that annoying noise. Didn’t work. In fact, there seemed to be increased noises!

Beep, beep beep! A high shrill pitchy sound. Some dump truck is backing up somewhere nearby. Air is being released from brakes and a tailgate slams shut.

Seriously!? It’s barely 7 am, for my sake! Are you nuts?! I haven’t been out of bed yet. Nor had I had any coffee.

I walk to the kitchen and ask my husband what is happening right now? He tells me to look out the window. Up on the hillside is a dozer tearing down the trees.

All day long, it was pretty noisy around here. I realize the job needed to get done but…warn me please?

Thank you!

Have a wonderful day!

Laurie Jackson


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