Huh?! What?

So…ya know how every few miles you see salons? Those walk-in salons where you don’t need an appointment? Aren’t they just so much fun?

Why I keep going back to this particular salon is a mystery to me. I guess maybe because I don’t need an appointment.

Well, my hair was getting long and driving me crazy. I wanted to let it grow long just like my great-grandma had. (She had beautiful white hair that ran all the way down her back. Very rarely did we see her wear her hair down.) Anyway, I was at the point, just to forget about growing my hair out.

It was a Sunday afternoon and my husband was outdoors cutting grass. I sent him a message saying I wanted a haircut today. He came in and said let’s go. We drove up the street to this salon. We walk in and the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted a haircut. I said yes. She turns to my husband who is bald and asks him if HE wanted a haircut. Seriously?? Couldn’t this woman see he has no hair? Don’t you need to have hair first to get a haircut???

My turn came up and I followed the woman to the chair where I was to sit. (While I was waiting my turn, I looked through a hairstyle book to see if I could find a hairstyle that I liked.) I found a style and took the book with me to show the lady how I wanted my hair cut. What a joke.

I showed her the picture and she closed the book and laid it on the dresser. She puts a cape on me. Someone walked in and she muttered something and walked away from me. She did this at three or four times! Was there a problem? What in the world was she doing?? She came back to me, took a few cuts off my hair, and was distracted again! She finally came back and apologized. She kept telling me how hungry she was, too. (Just because you’re hungry and need to eat doesn’t mean that gives you the right to mess up on a patron’s haircut!!) She took a few more snips off my hair, hands me a mirror so I can see the back of my head. I told her the back looks great.

She asked if I liked the rest of my hair. I asked her if she could give my sides a more layered look. She took a step back and looked at me like I spoke in some foreign language and suddenly had three heads. She cut a bit more off ONE side of my head. I looked at myself in the mirror. I hated what I saw! My hair on the right side looked like I just got up out of bed. It was laying all haphazardly. The left side of my head was sticking out like I had just been scared. She took the cape off and walked away from me. I glanced at my husband like what just happened?

I walked up to the counter and my husband paid. He kept looking at me really strange. He asked me questions about my haircut. At this point, I just wanted to scream at him to please just be quiet! He paid and I practically ran out of the salon. I wanted to cry.

We went home. I was upset. I went to the salon’s website and sent a message to the corporate office telling them of my experience with this salon. I received a message back telling me that someone from this salon would give me a call. Blah! Blah! Blah!

A week later someone did call me. I was told to come back in and the owner of the salon would fix my hair for me. I thought good luck. It’s pretty much messed up. I went back and the owner of the salon apologized profusely almost the entire time I was there. She took one look at my hair and told me that she was going to try to fix it.

The woman who had cut my hair the week before was there. She kinda looked at me strange. I sent her a message with my eyes that said you messed up my hair! I want a real stylist with experience to cut my hair. It was pretty obvious she wasn’t experienced at all.

My hair still doesn’t lay the way I want it to but it does look some better. Alex made the comment that the next time (if there is a next time) that he’s going to tell the ladies he wants the full works…shampoo, style, haircut. They’d probably look at him like he has three heads.

Have a wonderful day!

Laurie Jackson



2 thoughts on “Huh?! What?

  1. YIKES! I have been there! So frustrating. I finally learned to find the stylist I like and go faithfully to them. Thankfully I have been going to the same stylist for 11 years! He knows exactly what I want and knows my hair better then I do.

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