Dear Office, Chair, Etc…

Dear Office, Chair, Desk and Laptop,

Have you missed me? I’ve missed you! Where have I been? I’ve been laid up for the last month.

I had foot surgery May 3. Since then, I have not felt like doing diddly! I have tried to write a couple of times but it wore me out. I’ve been sitting in the recliner with my foot up. Unfortunately, I’ve let myself sink into a mood that I do not like. It’s like there is a voice telling me that it’s easier just to be down and blue than it is to be happy. I know that’s not true. I’ve had bits of crying spells. I only cry long enough to get it out of my system. Afterwards, I’m better.

I should realize by now that it always takes me awhile to get back to my old self after any surgery. I had a doctor appointment yesterday. He said my foot is healing nicely. He also said that I can start wearing my shoe again, at least around the house. I tried it this morning and it felt weird having it on again. Being able to wear my shoe will help so much. I’ll once again feel like getting out of the house.

To my office, chair and laptop, I promise to try to get back into writing. I’ll try not to ignore you anymore. Writing keeps me sane. It also gives me something to do. I haven’t abandoned you, I promise. I just haven’t been able to walk. I’ve been riding in a wheelchair. Each morning, it’s been the same thing over and over. Get out of bed, go to the recliner, and just sit. Eat breakfast and shower. By the time I get back to the recliner, I’m worn out. I don’t feel like doing anything. Hence, the sadness sets in.

I went to talk with Sara. She is fantastic!  I always feel better and more positive after chatting with her. She gave me a link that I can go on for my own personal support. It’s wonderful. It’s helpful, as well, since I suffer from chronic depression.

The sun is shining today! It always makes me feel better to see the sun!

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson



2 thoughts on “Dear Office, Chair, Etc…

  1. Oh, Laurie, I hope you feel a bit better each day. Foot surgery must be so painful. When I stub my toe, it takes a lot out of me! Maybe you’ll find writing a nice distraction? Whatever you do (or don’t do), know that your “peeps” out here in the vast cyberland of love are rooting for you! ❤

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