Things Your Mama Never Told You

You made her cry…a lot.

She cried in private. She didn’t want you to see her tears.

She wanted that last piece of pie.

Instead, she gave it to you. 

It hurt.

You hurt her feelings. A lot

She was always afraid.

She didn’t show it though. She was afraid for well-being. She worried all time. Mothers worried. That’s what they do.

She knows that she’s not perfect.

She did the best that she could. She knows she made a lot of mistakes. Raising kids was no easy task. She’d hope you would have forgave her. 

She watched you as you slept.

 She was amazed that she had created such beautiful child. 

She carried you a lot longer than nine months.

She would love you until the end of time.

It broke her heart every time you cried.

Not just each time you stumbled and fell. 

She put you first.

She made sacrifices so that you could have the best.

She would do it all again.

In a heartbeat. 

I was truly blessed with raising five healthy amazing kids—four boys and one daughter. They each had their own personality. They were as different as the day was long.

Motherhood was a tough job. I would not have missed it for anything. I’d do all again in a heartbeat.

Have a blessed day!

Laurie Jackson


One thought on “Things Your Mama Never Told You

  1. Splendid post, Laurie! I wish I could tell my son the ways in which he hurt me, but that will never happen. He does know, however, how imperfect I am! I told him that repeatedly. Humility was something I needed to teach him by example! 😐


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