A Prayer

This is Laurie’s husband. I am writing this because Laurie is in the hospital and will be having brain surgery tomorrow (Thursday July 14th). On Monday a CT found a 3 cm mass on the left side of her brain. Over the last 2 weeks it has been affecting her speech, ability to text, write, type, and spell. It is considered an aggressive tumor because of how fast the symptoms have progressed. Yesterday weakness on the right side of her mouth showed up and has moved to her arm today.

She is a talented writer and this is devastating for her. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We don’t know yet what type of tumor it is or what other treatments will be needed. We won’t know this until the tumor is biopsied tomorrow.

I will update this when I know more.

Thank you everyone

Alex Jackson (Laurie’s husband)


2 thoughts on “A Prayer

  1. My prayers are with you all at this time. How very sad. Laurie is indeed a talented writer and her blogs were a source of inspiration and joy for me. Keep us posted on what’s developing, would you sir? I’ll be watching. Thanks!


  2. Alex, thanks for posting this. I, too, had brain surgery to remove a mass from the left side of my brain right above my temple. It took about a year before I felt I could communicate normally–and I still have problems. Brain surgery is necessary in our cases (to remove what shouldn’t be there), but it causes a traumatic brain injury. I’m just telling you so that you know that she will recover, but may have lingering “issues” for a very long time.

    I only know about the experience from the side of the patient, not the loved one watching and waiting helplessly.

    Sending all the positive vibes I can your way. ❤


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