This Journey I’m On

This is quite the journey I am on. Not one I ever thought I would be taking.

I was in the hospital in July.  I had a brain tumor removed. Then,  I went to rehab for nine days. Came home until the end of September when I had a grand maul seizure (my brain sifted slightly). At the end of October, I had a another seizure. Found out I had steroid induced diabetes. In November, I had yet another seizure. Come to find out I had to have a CT scan. I had bleeding ulcers. Had to have an upper GI and a blood transfusion. I did not end up in the hospital in the month of December. Thank God! I was getting tired of hospitals!!

I’m getting tired now. It took me forever to write this. It is hard to find the letters. I’ll get it one of these days, though.

God bless!

Laurie Jackson


4 thoughts on “This Journey I’m On

  1. Hi, Laurie! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. Now I know. I’m glad to know you are still traveling this unexpected path. I know it’s not easy and not what you or you family would have chosen, but, as your husband says, this post is proof positive that you are one of the most courageous people I know. Most people in your situation would hunker down and hide from the world that knew you “before” (because we all think in terms of “before” and “after” when illness strikes, don’t we?). But not you! You are finding a way to navigate life. I admire you more than words can say. For what it’s worth, I’m here, sending you love, light, and clarity. Love, Lorna ❤


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