The battle is over

This is Laurie’s husband Alex.

It is with a very heavy heart that I must say that Laurie has lost her battle with her brain cancer. At 4:30 am on Mar 14, 2017 Laurie passed away. She fought hard for 8 months (to the day) and suffered much. She is at peace now.



3 thoughts on “The battle is over

  1. I am so sorry to hear this news, but glad she is at peace. I discovered her blog about the same amount of time as she endured her battle, and know that I didn’t scratch the surface of what seemed to be an amazing woman with lots of good stories to tell. My sincerest condolences. I lost my husband in 2012 and each day has brought different things since that happened. I hope for you that it is more joy than regret and good memories. Thanks for letting the blogging community know.

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    • Thank you. My condolences to you. She was an amazing woman and there were lots of stories locked in her head. It frustrated her that the cancer took her ability to write. Lots of joy and good memories. You are very welcome.

      Take care,


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