Why Is That???

I’m sitting in my office looking out the open window and enjoying the beautiful weather. There is a gentle breeze coming through the screen. I hear the radio playing in the other room.

My mind is a jungle of story ideas and various thoughts. I’m not sure where to begin this morning. Should I write about Mindy? Or finish the story I started on Elle? Maybe I should work on the other Matt and Mark story. I could go through Grandma’s recipes and blog about one.

I have so much “stuff” running through my head. I know that when I do try to write, I cannot get my fingers to keep up with my brain. My brain is on overload. It’s screaming at me “Why can’t you keep up?” Then, I get distracted or sidetracked and I completely lose my train of thought.

After all this, I feel like I need a nap…

I know one thing for sure, when I am trying to write, the words speed up in my brain and my fingers just can’t keep up!! Then, it becomes a blur. I feel like my thoughts are laughing at me.

So much to write. So little time.

May your day be full of blessings!

Laurie Jackson

Please feel free to visit my website. Thank you!


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